How Badly Can A Leak Damage Your Home

Leaks can wreak havoc in a home. They can damage the home’s structure, but they can also cause electrical fires and mold. If you don’t fix a leak, it can lead to even more significant damage and put the homeowner at risk. Let’s go through the damage that a leak can cause and what you can do to fix or prevent this.

What Can Cause Leaks?

A variety of things can cause leaks, such as faulty roofing, bad plumbing, and clogged gutters. They can also be caused by weather conditions, such as heavy rains or snow. Leaks can grow over time, and they are better treated early on. That’s why it’s important to get residential roofing inspections from time to time.

There are a couple of signs you should contact a roofing company. The first one and most obvious is if it’s visible. Other signs you should look out for are water stains on the ceilings or walls, a bad odor, and black mold. If your house suffers from insulation problems or goes through a storm, you should get a residential roofing inspection for leaks and other damages.

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Leak Damages

Structural Damage: A leak can weaken the structure of a home, leading to greater damage over time. Wood can rot, metal corrodes, and the leak can grow and weaken your house. This can cause you to change your roof and get other costly repairs.

Electrical Fire: A leak that goes undetected can cause an electrical fire. This is dangerous and can easily lead to disaster. Fire damage can be costly and cause permanent damages.

Mold: Mold can grow quickly in a moist environment, such as where there is a leak. This can cause serious health problems for the homeowner and their family. Once the mold is in your home, you’ll need to treat it and ensure there’s no mold present in other parts.

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Preventing Damage with Pintail Roofing

The best way to prevent damage from a leak is to fix it as soon as you notice it. However, if you cannot fix the leak yourself, you can call in a professional. Pintail Roofing is a trusted roofing company that can help you with any roof leak repair services you may need. We offer a FREE estimate, so please call us today. Thank you for choosing Pintail Roofing!

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